diy kitchen island

A diy kitchen island with a cooktop can add a unique look to the room, as well as be very practical. Space on the island can be save to allow room for cutting food, making less travel space to bring it onto the stove to cook. Another potential use for the island is to add a second sink; this can allow for extra space to clean dishes. If you add a second sink to the island, you may want to make the sink and kitchen island cabinets deep enough to hold pots and pans to be cleaned. With the addition of the second sink, some islands can also be outfitted with a dishwasher. The dishwasher attached in the island will allow for much easier and faster cleanup while cooking because the sink and dishwasher are very close to the food prep area. When adding a stove or sink to an island, be sure to keep enough kitchen countertop space on both sides of the island.

diy kitchen island

This makes the island multi-functional with space for prepare food before being cooked on the stove or hold pots and pans before being placed in the sink to clean. A kitchen island can also function as an area to eat a meal, enjoy a few drinks with friends and preperation for a big feast, if the island is equipped with bar stools. By designing a sitting area into the island, you can add an area for guests to sit and chat over a nice cocktail while you prepare a meal. Adding an island to your simple kitchen design ideas can allow for additional storage space, extra room to prepare meals, a place to accommodate an extra sink, and even a place to eat a meal. A kitchen island is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be a very practical addition to any kitchen.

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kitchen island – 2

kitchen island

Once you have your design layout planned, look to install kitchen island lighting above to fill the empty space above while showing off the countertop beauty. If you have a small kitchen, one option for and island is to have a portable butchers block that contains wheels so the island can be rolled around the kitchen for added counter space and then placed in the corner to be stored until it is used. This can allow for the practicality and usefulness of an island in a small space while lighting the room with the most popular kitchen island designs. One idea for a kitchen island is to hold a cooktop or stove; this can open up other counter space in the rest of the kitchen and add a unique element to your kitchen. If you add a stove to your kitchen island you will want to make sure to include an overhead ventilation hood to remove the smoke and steam that is produced while cooking.

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Kitchen Island – 1

Kitchen Island

Are you looking to design a new kitchen, or even just renovate your existing kitchen? Designing your dream kitchen can be fun and exciting. There are lots of ideas and styles that you can choose from; you can have a modern kitchen, contemporary kitchen, or many more. Don’t forget to include a kitchen island in the design for some added counter top space and seating. This article talks about many ideas for designing a kitchen island. Kitchen islands are free standing countertop ideas in the middle of a kitchen that offer more cabinet space as well as more counter top area to prepare meals on. They are very useful pieces to include in your kitchen, and can add character to the space.

An island and table combo works well in small kitchen layouts as it offers more storage space in the cabinets for pots and pans or other kitchenware. Depending on the size of your kitchen, it may be very helpful to include a kitchen island. In a large U or L shaped kitchen, and island will work really well; however if the kitchen is not very large then the island will simply clutter the room and make it harder to move around the kitchen easily. In a larger kitchen, an island will allow for less travel area between counters and make it easier to gather the necessary items to prepare a meal. In addition, the kitchen island countertops provides more space to prepare meals and store food.

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When created a modern or contemporary kitchen design

When created a modern or contemporary kitchen design When created a modern or contemporary kitchen design it is important to incorporate large spacious areas to allow for a functional area to prepare food and entertain while also keeping a modernistic feel. Another important thing to consider when designing a modern kitchen is the materials and color schemes you want to have. Stainless steels and blacks are popular and safe choices that allow for a sleek and minimalist appearance. Choosing only one or two colors and sticking with it creates a clean and uncluttered look that is more calming and aesthetically appealing. Having a room that is too busy will take away from the modern feel as well as distract a person from their required task in the kitchen. The kitchen flooring materials are an area of design styles that is overlooked and not considered by people, whether they are the homeowner or a guest.

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Modern Kitchens

modern diy kitchen design

Your diy kitchen design is often described as the heart of the home, where meals are prepared, guests are entertained, and family dinners are enjoyed. Previous decades the kitchen was used by families spending hours to prepare each days meal; however, now a days kitchens are used to prepare fast and easier meals. When choosing to update your house, a modern home design is a great option. Simple monochromatic colors and sleek strong lines of modern design can make any room look spacious. The simple kitchen paint colors and tones used in modern design make the area calming and welcoming. This is a great option when renovating a kitchen where space is necessary to be able to prepare and cook family meals or entertain for parties.

Whether you’re spending hours in the kitchen cooking, or a few minutes to prepare a fast meal, the remodeling plan of a modern kitchen design ideas should be functional and simplistic. The first thing to consider when designing a kitchen is the layout; you want to create a large ample space for your remodeling plan. Large cabinets allow for plenty of storage space while having beautiful designs to them; large stainless steal refrigerators also allow for ample food storage to feed your family or store leftovers. The spacious stone countertops that are used in modern kitchen design allows for easy cleanup of messes while also providing plenty of space for slicing vegetables and meat and preparing a meal. Modern kitchens allow for more space in the room making it easier to prepare large meals without being limited to designing a small kitchen area.

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Kitchen Paint Colors

Kitchen Paint Colors

Your kitchen is oftentimes the heart of a home, serving as a constant gathering place for friends and family. Ensure that this high traffic area is as beautiful as it is functional with unforgettable interior design. A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to quickly and inexpensively transform the look of a drab and outdated space — the kitchen is certainly no different. The right shade of paint will give outdated cabinets a fresh contemporary flair or highlight otherwise lost architectural elements such as a fabulous custom backsplash or richly trimmed bay window. Selecting the perfect new look for your kitchen can be daunting, and DIY remodelers are often intimidated by the vast rainbow of color options found in home improvement store paint displays. Here, our interior design experts will show you how to find the best kitchen paint colors for your space that perfectly translate each and every one of your design dreams.

Whether seeking to breathe new life into drab colored and dated cabinets and backsplash or simply give your kitchen walls an instant facelift, the best kitchen colors 2014 have the ability to transform any space. The process when choosing paint colors for a kitchen is just like finding fresh shades for any room. If you are in need of design inspiration browse our galleries of free kitchen photos to discover the amazing potential of your space. Look for images featuring cabinetry in your current or future finishes – whether that is natural wood, paint or stain. Good colors will highlight major focal points rather than distract from main design intent. If you are renovating from top to bottom, innovative new software programs are a fabulous tool for envisioning the space. An online kitchen design software allows tech savvy DIY remodelers to experiment with color palettes and cabinet shades instantly with just the click of a button.

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kitchen design plans

kitchen design plans

An important detail in kitchen design plans is to determine a type of countertop to install. There many options when it comes to the materials to use for your counter. Popular materials are granite or marble. You can find many pictures of kitchen countertops of any type so you can determine which material will look best in your room. While granite and marble create a beautiful look in your room, they are often on the more expensive side. The latest in 2014 design is to install imitation granite or marble on your counters so that you can get the same look, but at a lower price. A great way to accent a countertop is with beautiful kitchen backsplash tiles. You can select tiles of any color or size to make a stunning backsplash. Small glass tiles are a popular type to use when creating a backsplash in your space.

After cabinetry and countertops are selected, decide on what color to paint the walls and decorate the rest of the space. The best kitchen paint colors are those that are lighter tones so that they reflect the light and open up the room. You will want to choose warm and relaxing colors that create a friendly atmosphere for friends and family while cooking and eating. Selecting lighter shades of paint is also among the great small kitchen ideas because it will create the illusion of a bigger room. Another way to keep the space looking large is to use an open floor plan. Installing cabinetry along the walls only with a small island in the middle will give you ample storage space while also opening up the room. No matter what size room you have, there are many do it yourself designs for a new kitchen island layouts that can be used to help you create your dream home.

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the most popular kitchens in 2014

the most popular kitchens in 2014

Some of the most popular kitchens in 2014 are to incorporate modern style design. When decorating a modern space it is important to keep the sleek and simple lines that are characteristic of the design style in mind. Polished nickel door knobs or stainless steel appliances are some of the favorites with kitchen design photos to accent dark colored cabinets. This design uses monochromatic color schemes such as blacks, white, greys, or beiges, accented with small splashes of color in appliances or decoration. A great place to purchase modern or contemporary style cabinetry for your room at a great price is Ikea and lowes. These stores are known for their functional and durable custom cabinet designs that can be incorporated into any remodeling scheme. This store can also provide you with numerous ideas for kitchen remodeling to help you create a great floor plan.

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Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

Planning a kitchen can feel like a difficult project, there are many different details that go into a design. From paint color, to cabinet color, to types of appliances to install, there are many decisions to be made during your renovation. However, with our help we can make your decision making process much simpler and help you to design the perfect kitchen. Looking through different design trends of each year you can find lots of inspiration for your space. A gallery of the most popular kitchen design ideas and pictures can be found on our site to give you different thoughts for your plan. Whether you want to have a modern, contemporary, country, or traditional space, there are lots of options for design plans. Kitchen remodeling can be a fun and easy process with the help of our simple design tips to aid you in building your dream home.

The first step to designing a new kitchen is to determine the layouts of your space. You will want to create a beautiful yet functional floor plan so that you can make the most of the area that you have. A great tool to help you in this process is kitchen design software. This program allows you plan out your space and even choose colors and decorations to get the full look. Free online home software is a great way to help you learn how to remodel and how to design a kitchen. After creating the layout you will want to decide upon a style for decorating. If you need some ideas a great source of inspiration is to look through our free kitchen design photos. This picture gallery provides you with countless images of top designer kitchens to help you make your decision process easier.

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Cutlery Cabinet

I built all the cabinetry in our remodeled kitchen, a job that demanded intense decision making. For example, when I built the corner cabinet, I knew I would have an odd-size cabinet to the right of the stove. Stumped by its apparent non-utility, I made an MDF panel to cover the opening and contemplated fixing it in place. Sure, the door wouldn’t open, but the cabinet space behind it shared space with the corner cabinet, so all functionality would not be lost.


Then one day, as I was putting items back into the kitchen, I came across our maple knife block on the counter. It wasn’t anything special. As a matter of fact, not all our knives even fit into the block, which has led to routine hunts for the right cutlery. I eyed the small cabinet space next to the stove and realized that it would make a great spot for a cabinet with a pullout knife drawer. Continue reading

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