Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

The kitchen is the most frequented room in the house. And just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you’ll be spending less time there – so it needs to be both functional, and comfortable. Your small space should look its best while also serving you to serve.

The most efficient small kitchen renovation layout features the advantage of incorporating a working triangle between the distance of your major work areas such as the sink, stove and refrigerator. Designed correctly, this setup requires fewer steps while working which is a wonderful benefit for any cook. For instance, for extra food storage and preparation, you can install a butcher block, an island or peninsula when you have extra floor space. On the other hand, you might consider adding a pantry or pullout pantry to be located near the refrigerator.

In a smaller kitchen, there is not much distance to cover between the refrigerator and the oven. However, it still takes a great deal of planning to design an effective layout for single wall or two-way galley shape kitchens found in many small apartments in large cities.

In this more traditional leaning contemporary small kitchen design the liberal use of red adds a dramatic effect that is enhanced by the ‘space-age’ materials. A far cry from our caveman days, no? The small kitchen table and tandem chairs, along with bar stools as secondary seating helps to conserve space. Open concept glass cabinet doors, utensil hangers, nick-nack shelving storage and bright lighting help to create a larger than small space in this kitchen design.

You should consider replacing any standard size appliance with a smaller model. When choosing a dining table or breakfast nook, the same idea would apply. When you purchase a kitchen island or butcher block, be sure to purchase a smaller slim model. This gives you all the modern options you need in a small kitchen renovation project, while also providing you with more counter space and storage area.

You can reduce clutter by making sure you have ample storage. For instance, you might choose to install tall cabinets that reach to the ceiling. This will create an illusion of having a larger more spacious kitchen. A clutter free room is very attractive, so remember to create the space to put everything away.

You will have more storage in a small kitchen renovation job by adding built-in cabinets or fitted cabinets. Freestanding cabinets used in a small kitchen renovation cause you to loose valuable counter space and preparation area while creating obstacles that do not allow you to use all your available space.

In this example of a design for a small kitchen, the counter top space is best utilized with a highly functional kitchen sink, built-in stovetop, hanging utensils, and innovative use of drawer space underneath the main set of kitchen cabinets. The dark colored backsplash could be lightened to create a larger feeling space.

When doing a small kitchen renovation, glass doors, folding doors, pocket doors or no doors at all can work well. This can save floor space while allowing more natural light to come into and reflect around the room. Alternatively, when you finish cooking, you might want to conceal the area by using folding doors.

Remember that neutral colors reflect light in a small space. When you wish to add bright colors, add color with your accessories, small appliances, ceramics or colorful tile.

Keep in mind after finishing your small kitchen renovation job that you do not create clutter with too many utensils and tools. Having a large set of cookware does not make one a great cook. With limited space, it is sufficient to keep three or four good quality knives and five or six pots and pans.

Another essential aspect is to include natural and artificial lighting, since this will create an illusion of a brighter and larger kitchen. This will create a positive, energy-filled environment for you, your family and friends. You might consider adding such lighting as under the cabinet lights, wall sconces, pendants, recessed lighting or chandeliers.

You can create an attractive, efficient area that enables you to perform various functions when using small kitchen decorating ideas. When small kitchens are proper in design, everyone enjoys an area that functions efficiently for years to come. Since your kitchen is likely to be one of the most popular areas in your home, read as many small kitchen renovation ideas as you can find to improve the comfort and functionality of this important space. Article Source:

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