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    Four Easy Steps to Guide You on Your Kitchen Remodel

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    Four Easy Steps to Guide You on Your Kitchen Remodel (February 6, 2009)

    Four Easy Steps to Guide You on Your Kitchen Remodel

    Kitchen Remodeling Plan

    Planning does not have to be this hard

    How do you avoid a kitchen remodel disaster? I¡¯ve had a client walk into my showroom, upset and frustrated. His contractors, after working on and off for six months, suddenly quit. His house was a mess.

    Imagine how disappointed you¡¯d be when you¡¯re standing in the ruins of your half-finished kitchen, without a plan to finish. Remodeling without a plan is like a cooking a complex meal without a recipe.

    So, here¡¯s four easy steps to guide you on your kitchen remodel:

    1. Make Your Budget

    There are many products on the market today, but prices can vary drastically depending depending on materials, quality, additional features, and brand. As you shop around, you will notice that some options can differ in price by two to three times. Our cabinets, however, are typically within 30% of each other, depending on the style or wood choice.

    It comes down to what you want. An honest and realistic budget allows accurate planning and serves as your guides. Discuss with your family the what scale of remodeling is best for your home. If you¡¯re house flipping, you¡¯re more likely to get a return on your investment if you set a lower budget for your kitchen.

    2. Plan Your Project

    Before you work with your designer, figure out which styles and colors you like. Either check out our gallery, go through magazines, or visit a showroom. You might want to visit open houses, since sellers often remodel the kitchens, or even the homes of your friends and family, just to see what others have done. Once you have an idea of how you want your room to look, the design process is much easier.

    3. Measure Your Kitchen

    Measure your kitchen in inches before you come in, because the design process needs these measurements to accurately place cabinets in your kitchen. Sketches or photographs are helpful during the design process, but they aren¡¯t necessary if you can describe your kitchen well. Remember to measure the locations of windows and doors, and note your ceiling heights and any base or wall obstacles.

    4. Choose Your Appliances

    Do you want a drop in range or a stand-alone? Check out Consumer Reports to for reviews about the these appliances. Newer models come out every year, but many of them include features irrelevant features that are only good for driving up the price. Many appliances following standard-sizing practices, so your kitchen designer will be able to maximize your space.

    An accurate budget will guide your kitchen remodel plan. Your designer should be able to give you tips on any part of this process. Try not to feel stressed and enjoy the process, because a kitchen remodel should be a great experience!

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