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    Two Door Wardrobes, the Traditional Standard

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    Two Door Wardrobes, the Traditional Standard (May 3, 2010)

    Two Door Wardrobes, the Traditional Standard

    Free Standing Wardrobe 

    If you¡¯re thinking about getting your first pine wardrobe, you may wish to consider the benefits of a traditional two-door unit. Two door wardrobes, which are manufactured in a number of different design styles to suit every taste, have been favorites over the centuries. Many storage configurations are available straight from the factory.

    Standard designs are both functional and versatile, providing you with space to store your clothing along with your valued accessories. Most two-door wardrobes are configured with space dedicated for hanging clothes, drawers for storing folded clothes and underwear, and shelves for storing accessories and heavier items such as sweaters.

    Before you make a purchase decision, make sure that your bedroom can accommodate the selected Wardrobes  with a proper sense of scale. If you have a small room, a smaller wardrobe would be preferable. If you need more space despite the room¡¯s small size, you might consider a larger wardrobe with mirrored surfaces to provide you with the storage you need while the mirrors make the room appear larger. Just be sure that the wardrobe is not so large as to restrict you ability to move around.

    After you have determined that the room is large enough to support the size of the wardrobe that you have selected, you can decide exactly what style of two-door wardrobe suits your personal design taste. Are you a traditionalist who prefers the elegance intricate carvings on your furniture, or one who prefers the conventional and unassuming ambience offered by a white painted wardrobe? Perhaps you¡¯re flamboyant enough to add to the glamour of the bedroom by introduction a fully mirrored two-door wardrobe.

    Don¡¯t be a shopper who simply looks, decides, and buys. Take the time to thoroughly inspect the wardrobe that you wish to buy. Make sure that the doors hang properly, are aligned properly when closed, and open and close without sticking. Make sure that all joints are solid and clean, with no adhesive residue visible. Check that all shelves are level and, if adjustable, can be moved easily. Check that all drawers open and close easily. Ensure that all hardware is in place and properly seated.

    Wardrobe Cabinet 

    Don¡¯t settle for a storage configuration that does not meet all of you requirements. Two door wardrobes can be purchased with only space for hanging clothes, or can be found with different sized areas for both hanging clothes and storing them in drawers.

    When you purchase your unit, make sure that you have done all of your homework. A fine high-quality two-door wardrobe is an investment in a piece of furniture that should last a lifetime. It may be destined to become a family heirloom. Take all the time you need to ensure that the storage capability and the appearance are exactly what you need so that you will enjoy the wardrobe for decades to come.

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